We have been privileged to have various individuals, institutions and organizations come to add joy to the lives of our residents as well as to create a better living environment for them.
In big and small ways, YOU can contribute too!



Providing care 24 hours a day for 7 days a week for 400 residents is no easy feat. The costs of running a nursing home remains high. On the average, we need about $100 per resident per day to operate the home on a daily basis.

Each love gift is significant to the resident’s well-being and every dollar counts to providing better quality of care for better quality of life in the home.



We greatly appreciate donations in kind as they often also meet the needs of our home through direct purchase and delivery. Items that the home currently require are as appended below. These include the daily needs of the elderly for both meals as well as equipment.

  • Glucerna or Ensure Milk Powder (Vanilla)
  • Peanut Butter (Smooth)
  • Coffee 3-in-1
  • Kopi-O
  • Kaya
  • Instant Noodles

As we have fully outsourced our meals to an external caterer w.e.f. April 2022, we are no longer in need of cooking ingredients like rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar, fresh ingredients … etc


Other Donations: 
  • Face Towels (Square type) Urgent
  • Tena brand Adult Diapers: M & L sizes, stick-on type (not diaper pants type)
  • Pocketalker (Sound amplifier) – 10 needed
  • Radios with SD Card slot + SD card
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Non-powdered Nitrile Gloves (S and M size)
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Oxygen Concentrator* (Devilbiss brand)


Project Makan

Support our residents by bringing in comforting foods to 110 of our residents on regular diet. 

  • Tea break (Individually packaged snacks or drinks e.g. bread, muffins, cakes)
  • Lunch or Dinner* (Non-spicy Hawker Fare)

*Please contact us for more details


Please direct all deliveries to:
No. 130 Hougang Ave. 1, Singapore 538900
During office hours:
9am – 5pm.

(Services like Redmart, Giant, and NTUC, do provide deliveries)

Please contact our Corporate & Community Relations Team at:
6922 1529
 or for more information.

List is updated as of 29 September 2022.


Have an exciting fundraising project idea or perhaps you simply just want to raise funds among friends and family, drop us a note and let us know! Fundraise on our online platform and let the giving begin!

Alternatively, make a Cash Donation:

  1. Make a crossed cheque to “Society for the Aged Sick”
  2. At the back of the cheque, kindly indicate:
    • Individual Donors
      Contact Details
    • Corporate Donors
      Business Registration number
      Contact person’s name and number
      Company Address
  3. Mail or hand deliver to our address at
    130 Hougang Avenue 1, Singapore 538900
  4. PayNow Donation
    Unique Entity No.(UEN): S68SS0022JSA1

    • Please indicate your full NRIC No. or UEN No. in the comment or reference field.
    • Send an email to and indicate the following to confirm your donation:
      • Name
      • Last 3 digits and alphabet of your NRIC
      • Donation Amount

We have a myriad of programs for the residents in our nursing home. Whether you can only serve once a week or once a month, join us for a fulfilling and heartwarming time of serving the elderly.



Bring our residents out for a meal and a walk – anywhere from the nearby Lorong Ah Soo Market to a trip to the new sights around our city.


Join us as a ‘Kopi Friend’!
Bring our residents to a nearby coffeeshop and chat with them over a simple meal and Kopi.


e.g. Bingo games, performances, and Birthday Celebrations

Hold small scale events that can be enjoyed amongst the whole group (20-30 residents). From interactive games to performing old tunes for our residents – these events give our residents a chance to socialise with our volunteers.

Another event that brings lots of joy is holding mass birthday celebrations for residents who are celebrating their birthdays in that month.


Being a friend does not need to be complicated.
A simple visit, a simple meal, a simple conversation can be very heartwarming to both you and the resident.

e.g. Mahjong, Chinese Chess, Table Top Games

An all-time activity amongst some of our residents is playing Mahjong. If you know how to play mahjong or other table top games, come down to our Home and play with us!


Socialise with our residents by listening to them tell their stories. Walk down memory lane together with them as they share the journey of their past.


Come have fun creating art together and craft projects into sell-able products for donations!

Save our Silver: Elderly in Need #SOS
Your donation can help an elderly in need

#SOS Save Our Silver

Many of our elderly residents in need come from low-income backgrounds that simply cannot afford the cost of round the clock medical care on top of medical treatment. Some no longer have any family to rely on for even basic necessities. Your donation can help them lead a quality life in their silver years.

Add extra quality years to their life by donating $10, $60, $120, or $220.
On top of your donation, Tote Board will also match the amount you donated to double your contribution.

Your donations will go towards:

  • Residents’ daily necessities
  • Residents’ food rations
  • Residential services
  • Round the clock nursing care
  • Residents’ medical and dental treatment
  • Medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Any other expenses

Your donation is also 250% tax-deductible.


Our Mission:
To Provide Quality Care
to the Aged Sick and Destitute

The beneficiaries of your donation are elderly residents who are in need and require extensive medical care. They are mostly wheelchair or bed-bound, suffer from chronic illnesses, and need assistance in most of their daily living activities.

Support our silver elderly in need by donating any amount you can!

  • $30 Can provide meals for 4 elderly a day
  • $60 can provide milk feed for an elderly resident for a month
  • $100 can cover the cost of staying at the Nursing Home for a day
  • $500 Can provide 10 ambulance trips for residents’ recurring outpatient medical/dialysis treatment