We work to support the destitute and aged sick living in the nursing home.
Help make a difference by providing rehabilitation, nursing and office support to build better lives.


Plays a central role in providing nursing care to residents in the nursing home.

Key Responsibilities

  • Complies with approved standards of nursing practices.
  • Provides nursing services requiring substantial and specialised nursing skills.
  • Work closely with the resident’s doctor and the multidisciplinary team to provide care to the residents; updates on changes in the residents’ conditions and needs,
  • Ensures care delivery and nursing interventions as outlined in the care plan.
  • Evaluates the resident’s response to care interventions on a regular basis and recommends revision of care plans as necessary.
  • Initiates appropriate preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures.
  • Carries out and supervises assessments of all new admissions
  • Prepares clinical documentation and ensures all documentations are accurate.
  • Prepares and administers medications to residents. Supervises staff to ensure safe medication practices.
  • Responsible for the safekeeping of controlled drugs.
  • Educates and trains the junior care staff.
  • Works with Supervisor to conduct quality assurance activities to monitor and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of nursing care.
  • Deals with any emergency that arises and ensures prompt actions to mitigate the situation. Escalates promptly to supervisor, where necessary.
  • Guides care staff in coordinating visits for medical check-ups, arranging transport and accompanying residents to the hospital/polyclinic for follow-up appointments.
  • To maintain a safe and clean environment in the nursing home.
  • Participate in clinical or service quality improvement activities and contribute to changes or improvement of workflow.
  • Carries out duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma / Degree in Nursing
  • Registered Nurse registered with the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB)


The Healthcare Assistant supports and assists the Staff Nurse (SN) and Enrolled Nurses (EN) in the delivery of nursing care to residents and helps to maintain a clean, safe and comfortable environment for them.

Key Responsibilities

  • Complies with approved standards of nursing practices.
  • Participates in activities to improve the quality of care.
  • Checks, monitors and records residents’ vital signs such as temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure.
  • Ensures the safety, comfort and well-being of the residents and reports resident’s needs to the nurse. Attends to the needs of the residents.
  • Ensures the comfort and good personal hygiene of the residents under her/his care, e.g. bed bath/shower bath, changing of clothes and bed sheets and tidiness of the room.
  • Assists in the transfer and positioning of non-ambulant residents
  • Assists in the conduct of daily exercise for the residents.
  • Assists in serving meals and drinks; and feeding residents.
  • Helps to maintain the fluid and nutritional needs of the residents.
  • Keeps incontinent residents clean and dry.
  • Maintains accurate documentation of care given.
  • Assists the nurse in nursing procedures and treatments for the residents, e.g. caring for residents with urinary catheter.
  • Assists in the orientation of new residents.
  • Assists in organising visits for residents to go for medical check-ups; arranges transport and accompanies residents to the hospital/polyclinic for follow up appointments.
  • Accompanies residents for their outing trips.
  • Alerts nurses to emergency situations.
  • Work with nurses to maintain a safe and clean environment in the nursing home. Maintain a safe and clean environment in the nursing home.Carries out any other duties as assigned by nurses.

Job Requirements:

  • GCE N-Level
  • On the job training will be provided
  • Attained training in either one of the courses:
    • WSQ Higher Certificate/Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Support (Nursing Care)
    • Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Approved Training Centre (ATC) Healthcare (Home Care) programme

For foreign-trained

  • Nursing Aide Course (from home country)


The Health Attendant supports and assists the Staff Nurses (SN) and Enrolled Nurses (EN) in the delivery of nursing care to residents and helps to maintain a clean, safe and comfortable environment for them.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assists in serving of meals and drinks to the residents.
  • Assists in oral feeding, e.g. full or soft diets, to residents without swallowing disorders.
  • Assists in activities of daily living (ADL) of residents.
  • Assists to keep residents clean and dry.
  • Performs general housekeeping to maintain cleanliness of the nursing home e.g. mopping, sweeping, and washing.
  • Maintains cleanliness and tidiness of residents’ environment e.g. tidiness of residents’ beds and lockers.
  • Carries out any other duties as assigned by nurses.

Job Requirements:

  • Primary/Secondary education
  • On the job training will be provided

For foreign-trained

  • Basic Nurse Aide certificate (3-6 months) from home country


The Physiotherapist will be responsible for providing appropriate, timely and effective physiotherapy treatment to our residents at the nursing home.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assess residents’ needs for therapy and to provide therapy services to the residents.
  • Develop and review effective treatment programmes for residents.
  • Document and audit resident care, collect and report statistics.
  • Supervise and guide physiotherapy intervention by junior staff.
  • Liaise with other healthcare professionals to exchange information about the background and progress of residents, as well as to refer residents who require other medical attention.
  • Periodic checking of physiotherapy equipment and propose requisition where necessary. Ensure staff competency in proper use of equipment.
  • Initiate sharing and promote learning culture for evidence-based practice.
  • Facilitate fun group exercises for better biopsychosocial care.

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma / Degree in Physiotherapy.
  • Qualified and registered with AHPC (Full registration).
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant working experience.


Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Sweeping and mopping of offices, rooms (doctor’s room, dental room, classroom etc), common areas, staircases and external compound including drains and bin centres.
  • Dust, damp wipe, wash or polish furniture, ledges, glass panels, doors, windows, external surfaces of cupboards, shelves and fitments.
  • Washing of toilets and sinks, refilling soap dispensers and toilet rolls
  • Emptying and washing waste bins in the common areas and transporting waste to the bin centre.
  • Assist in logistical set-up for events at the Home.
  • Update Job Record Card upon completion of jobs.
  • Any ad-hoc duties as assigned

Job Requirements:

  • Primary School / Lower Secondary Education
  • Physically fit – able to carry heavy load of 10 – 20kg
  • On the job training will be provided

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